Eva Rothschild: Peacegarden


The Showroom & Cornerhouse

Text by Michael York. Interview by Rob Tufnell


72 pages

ISBN-10 0951598074

This publication is produced in conjunction with Peacegarden, Irish artist Eva Rothschild’s first solo show in London. Peacegarden is a touring project initiated by The Showroom, and organised in collaboration with Cornerhouse.

The book is the first to comprehensively document recent works by Rothschild, including the new pieces commissioned for the exhibition. Rothschild’s work aims to re-invest the images and objects associated with new age spirituality with some of their original psychic power, to try and find a middle ground between 1960s’ idealism and contemporary cynicism. This is a theme expanded by Michael York in his essay Navigating the Dynamics of Hope and Despair in Contemporary Spirituality. In an interview with Rob Tufnell, Rothschild discusses her sculptural and wall-based works that combine the hardness of Conceptual Minimalism with imagery and references from phantasy art to create a new ‘magic minimalism’.